Careers in IAPS schools

Much is expected of staff in IAPS schools, but the rewards are considerable.

A career in an IAPS-accredited school means the opportunity to work in an environment with all the usual plusses of an independent prep school, in terms of remuneration, resources, freedom for management to plan the curriculum with minimal government interference, plus an additional layer of quality assurance by virtue of the accreditation process.

Staff in our schools appreciate the impact this has on quality of teaching and learning as well as school management and the attendant benefits this brings in terms of job satisfaction and professional development.

Professional Development

IAPS offers an extensive programme of Continuing Professional Development through an annual training programme.

The programme addresses the needs of all staff from newly qualified teachers to Heads. There are also subject leaders for all curriculum subjects and advisers/organisers for sports and activities.

The course programme covers:

  • Professional Development
  • Specialist Training
  • Specialist Issues

Please click here for more information on IAPS Courses.

Teaching & Pay

It is a condition of membership that IAPS schools should pay teachers at least in accordance with the national pay scales, taking into account any benefits in kind. Teachers must have access to the national Teachers Pensions scheme, or the IAPS pension scheme, or another acceptable scheme.

Many schools have their own pay policies and teachers in these schools should make sure that they have a copy and understand how it works.


IAPS schools employ many Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) and most schools participate in a government approved induction scheme.

Therefore NQTs can complete their induction period and so become eligible to work in the maintained sector at a later time in their careers.

As an NQT you will find that teaching groups in IAPS schools are small, the resource levels are good, and pay rates and benefits are normally better than in the maintained sector.

Teaching standards in IAPS schools are high and this is exemplified by the commitment to mentoring NQTs. However, before you accept a position as an NQT with an IAPS school you should confirm that it is operating the induction scheme offered by the Independent Schools Council Teacher Induction Panel or another government approved induction scheme.

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